Minor Skin Procedures

Minor Skin Procedures Q & A

Skin problems are a common health concern in primary care. Upper Echelon Medical offers convenient on-site procedures to address many of these problems.

Treatments such as laceration repairs, incision and drainage, and skin biopsies are included in your monthly direct primary care membership fees, so there are no co-pays or surprise bills.

Skin conditions the Upper Echelon Medical team sees most often include:

Minor injuries

Cuts and puncture wounds can be painful, and you might bleed a great deal. Without proper care, these wounds could become infected.

Abscesses and boils

Abscesses and boils are swellings under your skin that fill with fluid, causing soreness and pain. The fluid might consist of blood or pus, and infection might be present.

Skin cancer

Two common, slow-growing skin cancers are basal and squamous cell carcinomas, with the more dangerous and faster-growing malignant melanoma being less common. Skin cancer may appear as a new lesion. With melanoma, the disease typically causes existing moles to change.

Minor skin procedures the Upper Echelon Medical team performs most often include:

Laceration repairs

Lacerations (cuts) require thorough cleaning and a sterile dressing to encourage healing and prevent infection. Deeper cuts might require stitches to seal the wound. The Upper Echelon Medical team offers urgent care for minor injuries and often performs laceration repairs.

If you have a puncture wound or an increased risk of tetanus infection, you might also need an immunization booster shot.

Incision and drainage

Boils and abscesses that are painful or infected benefit from incision and drainage. This involves your provider making a small cut in the boil or abscess to release the fluid and lower pressure. They also dress the wound and offer antibiotics if you have a bacterial infection.

Skin biopsies

Biopsies are small samples that go for lab testing. You could need a skin biopsy if you have a suspicious lesion or a mole that changes shape and color or starts bleeding. Your provider lets you know when the results are back so you can receive any treatment required.

To benefit from convenient access to expert diagnosis and minor skin procedures, call Upper Echelon Medical today to schedule a consultation or book an appointment online.

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