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Direct Primary Care: A Cost-Effective Solution for Employers

Finding affordable healthcare for your employees can be a struggle. Look no further with Upper Echelon Medical Direct Primary Care! We affordable, high quality care with direct access to your employee’s personal physician!

Healthcare costs continue to rise, placing a significant financial burden on both employees and employers. In response, many companies have turned to high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) and self-funded insurance options to control expenses. However, these plans have their own drawbacks, including limited access to primary care and high out-of-pocket costs for employees. 

Direct primary care (DPC) is an alternative approach that has gained popularity in recent years as a cost-effective solution for employers and employees. This article will discuss why employers should consider offering DPC in conjunction with a self-funded health plan or HDHP. 

What is Direct Primary Care?

DPC is a model of healthcare delivery that eliminates the middlemen (insurers) and instead focuses on providing primary care services directly to patients. Patients pay a monthly fee to access their primary care physician and receive comprehensive care, including preventive services, chronic disease management, and same-day or next-day appointments. The cost is typically much lower than traditional insurance premiums, and patients have greater access to care without worrying about copays, deductibles, or surprise bills. 

The Benefits of DPC for Employers

  1. Cost Savings: DPC reduces healthcare costs for employers by removing the overhead costs associated with insurance plans, such as administrative costs and profit margins. This can result in significant cost savings for employers and their employees.
  2. Improved Employee Health: DPC encourages patients to seek care for preventive and chronic conditions, which can improve their overall health and reduce the risk of more serious and expensive health problems down the line.
  3. Better Access to Care: With DPC, employees have easy access to their primary care physician and can schedule appointments quickly. This can lead to earlier diagnoses and treatments, which can improve outcomes and reduce costs.
  4. Increased Satisfaction: DPC offers a personalized and patient-centered approach to healthcare, which can result in higher levels of satisfaction among employees and improved employee retention!

What’s the takeaway?

In conclusion, offering DPC in conjunction with a self-funded health plan or HDHP can provide significant benefits to employers and their employees. With cost savings, improved employee health, better access to care, and increased satisfaction, DPC is a cost-effective solution that deserves serious consideration by employers.Dr. Marisse

Upper Echelon Medical in Fullerton, Orange County, East LA, and Inland Empire, California, provides comprehensive primary care services to patients of all ages living and working in the local community.
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