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About Us

Upper Echelon Medical in Fullerton, Orange County, East LA, and Inland Empire, California, provides comprehensive primary care services to patients of all ages living and working in the local community. Experienced physician Marisse Herrera, DO, and her team run a forward-thinking practice that emphasizes using new technologies to empower patients and enable them to make better health and lifestyle choices.

Care Tailored to Your Needs.

Upper Echelon Medical’s team of osteopathic doctors treats patients as a whole rather than focusing on a specific disease and believes in promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle before considering medications. The team also uses drug-free osteopathic manipulative techniques to help treat upper respiratory infections, headaches, back pain, muscle pain, and more.

For those patients who need medications to treat or help manage their condition, Upper Echelon Medical offers prescription dispensation, providing medicines at wholesale prices that save patients hundreds of dollars. This service is part of the practice’s direct primary care model, where patients pay a monthly fee rather than going through insurance companies.

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Discover the Benefits of Direct Primary Care at Upper Echelon Medical!

Experience the advantages of direct primary care, where you can enjoy cost savings and easy access to healthcare providers. Our monthly membership services cover a wide array of comprehensive care options, ensuring you receive the attention you deserve.

With Upper Echelon Medical, your membership includes annual physicals, women's health exams, chronic care management, medical weight loss programs, preventive medicine, and urgent care for acute health issues. Our experienced team is also skilled in performing minor skin procedures, including laceration repair, boil and abscess incision and drainage, and skin biopsies.

But that's not all—we go beyond traditional healthcare services. At Upper Echelon Medical, we offer a range of aesthetic treatments to enhance your well-being. Our services include Botox® and Dysport® injections to address lines and wrinkles, dermal fillers such as Juvederm® for facial rejuvenation, and cutting-edge skin treatments like Scarlet and Agnes RF (radiofrequency) microneedling.

Experience the comprehensive care and aesthetic services you deserve at Upper Echelon Medical. Join our direct primary care practice today and unlock a new level of healthcare and aesthetic excellence.

Awesome team that make it all happen.

Our team of highly skilled healthcare professionals is here to ensure you receive the best possible care.


Board Certified Family Medicine Physician

Marisse Herrera, D. O.

Board Certified Family Medicine Physician

Raul Bonilla

Nutrition and Physical Fitness Counselor

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