Kevin Oei, D. O.

Board Certified Family Medicine Physician located in Orange County, Fullerton, CA


I was born in San Antonio and raised in Sugar Land, Texas. Becoming a doctor is what I wanted to do since the young age of five. It all started with the "Go to work with your parent" Day. I was just amazed at what I saw on my first day as my father practiced medicine in the Emergency Room. Since then, I would go shadow him throughout elementary, middle and high school.

During that time, I swam for club and the high school varsity swim team and lettered as a freshman. I also practiced Zen Do Kai Karate for 13 years and obtained a first-degree black belt. Afterwards, I attended the University of Texas at Austin and graduated with a Bachelors in Business Administration with Pre-Med. I obtained my medical degree from Touro University Nevada but most importantly, this is where I met my beautiful wife, Marisse! Since she's from Long Beach, I followed her back home to California where I completed residency at PIH Downey in Family Medicine and OMT. 

Marisse and I have 2 lovely children, Ayrton and Ashton. We like to spend time as a family at the beach and hiking around the neighborhood and hiking trails. I personally enjoy watching competitive sports (NBA, NFL, Formula 1 racing,) practicing martial arts, and racing cars at the local southern California race tracks.

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